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Working Papers

"The Fragmentation of Revolutionary Protest Coalitions." Under review.  

"Regionalism in New Democracies: Historical Legacies and Voter-Party Linkages." With Elizabeth Nugent. Under review. 

"The Problem of Educated Outsiders: Informal Labor, Unemployed Graduates, and the Roots of Social Discontent in Tunisia." With Amaney Jamal and Helen Milner. 

"Time, Identity, and Restraint: Repressing Dissent in Contemporary Non-Democracies."

"A Theory of Bad Concepts: Revisiting Sartori and the Politics of the Global South."


Archival database of protests, strikes, and sit-ins in Tunisia and Morocco, 2006-2016. N = 8,129. In progress.

Exit poll of Tunisian voters during first parliamentary elections on October 26, 2014. N = 1,157. Collected with Elizabeth Nugent and Sawti, Sawt Chebab Tounes. 

Survey of Tunisian protesters at pro- and anti-government demonstrations, August 2013. N = 567.