Dissertation / book project

Protest, Social Policy, and Political Regimes in the Middle East

My book-length dissertation project examines determinants of concessions to social protest movements in late-developing states, asking in particular how revolutions and regime transitions transform the logic of elite response to mobilization. I address these questions using interview, documentary, and quantitative evidence collected during fifteen months of fieldwork in Tunisia and Morocco. Read more about my dissertation here. 


"Regionalism in New Democracies: Historical Legacies and Voter-Party Linkages." With Elizabeth Nugent. Forthcoming, Political Research Quarterly.

"Mobilizing Morocco: New Works on Society and State." Mediterranean Politics (2019). View online and PDF.

"Ctrl-Alt-Revolt? Online and Online Networks during the 2011 Egyptian Uprising." With Elizabeth Nugent.  Middle East Law and Governance 10.1 (2018): 59-90. View online.

"Tunisia's Economic Transition? Popular Evaluations of Social Crisis and Reform." Analysis paper for the Arab Barometer. October 2016. Download PDF

"Defining Political Choices: Tunisia's Second Democratic Elections from the Ground Up." With Elizabeth Nugent. The Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, Analysis Paper No. 38. May 2015. View online

"Bordering on Conventional: The Politics of Iraqi Resettlement to the US and Europe, 2003-2011." Refuge 28:1. Spring 2012. View online

"An Uncommon Burden: Aid, Resettlement, and Refugee Policy in Syria." In John Calabrese and Jean-Luc Marret eds., Transatlantic Cooperation on Protracted Displacement: Urgent Need and Unique Opportunity. Middle East Institute Press. 2012. 

Working papers // R&R

"Repression after liberalization: Organizational embeddedness and protest policing in a hybrid context." Revise and resubmit, American Journal of Political Science. Read an earlier draft at SSRN.

"When revolutionary coalitions break down: Protest politics and the Tunisian transition, 2011-2013." Invited contribution to special issue of Middle East Law & Governance, “New Boundaries of State/Resistance Constellations in the Middle East.”

“Civic Legacies: Corporatism and Protest in New Democracies.”

"The Problem of Educated Outsiders: Informal Labor, Unemployed Graduates, and the Roots of Social Discontent in Tunisia." With Amaney Jamal and Helen Milner. 

"A Theory of Bad Concepts: Revisiting Sartori and the Politics of the Global South."